Pokemon Red and Blue Game Review

Nintendo's Pokémon collection has been a worldwide phenomenon over the years and remains one of the best-selling franchises ever. Regardless of all the recent updates and reboots of current times, the most thriving and inspirational of all the Pokémon titles are without a doubt the Pokémon Red and Blue game. To find out more about these games, read our Pokemon Red and Blue Game review in this exclusive Nintendo Gameboy review section.

Pokémon Red and Blue Game Information

Pokémon is about phenomenal critters known as "Pocket Monsters" or "Pokémons" for short. There are over a hundred of these little creatures in the Pokémon realm, each of which has unique abilities and powers. It is your task to catch as many of these Pokémon's as possible while fighting a group of eight mighty rivals known as Gym Leaders. To become the greatest Pokémon warrior, you must pass through many forests, towns and caves to gather information to make an effort to go into battle against an evil group known as "Team Rocket" who strives to take over the world by exploiting Pokémon's as slaves.

During your adventures you will come across wild Pokémon's which you must battle. The only way you can engage in a battle with a Pokémon is with another Pokémon. Each Pokémon has a weakness and strength and defence and attack skills. There are 15 distinctive categories your Pokémon belongs to, some of which can terminate other critters using their special abilities. For instance: Water to Rock, Fire to Water, and so on. It literally becomes a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors as you try to find out which Pokémon works best against others.

The differences between Pokémon Red and Blue and other titles in the series are insignificant, apart from one important factor: each game has a small number of exclusive Pokémon critters that can only be discovered in one or the other version. If you want to collect them all, you need to swap out your Pocket Monster with friends and family who have different versions. This is one of the factors that makes Pokémon so popular. It makes people come together to discuss game strategies, to battle against each other and even start their own Pokémon communities.

The mission is not particularly tough, and in some cases, it's very simple. Still, you'll have to acquire strategies in combat to advance through the game, and which Pokémon you select to teach and evolve might have an effect on your progress throughout the mission. Pokémon will take about 30-40 hours to complete. Still, if you complete the mission, you may perhaps not have all the Pokémon in the game. The aim, after all, is to catch 'em all.

Both Pokémon Red and Blue gaming titles boast some superb graphics. Each of the 151 critters featured has a unique look and ambience. What's more, every one of them had a different cry as well. Furthermore, the tune is enchanting and most of the melodies pump you up while in combat, and some are downright spine-chilling, for example, the Lavender Town music. Then again, the storyline of the game is intriguing and aimed to provide hours of enjoyment for all ages.

Pokémon Red and Blue Conclusion

Pokémon Red and Blue is considered as one of the best Gameboy titles around. Many gamers thought it was a fad a decade ago, but Pokémon has proven it is here to stay. Each instalment in the series is crafted to perfection and each has accomplished to improve on its predecessor. Even though the first instalment may not live up to the more recent titles, it is still an incredible Gameboy title and one of Nintendo's best ever created. If you don't own a Pokémon Red and Blue game, pick one up. It doesn't make a difference if you select Red or blue, they're both similar. You'll just have to ensure you' have got a buddy with the other version if you want to catch 'em all. Keep your eyes on the page for more Nintendo Gameboy reviews.