What is a Gameboy?

If you are still pondering on the question: What is a Gameboy? Then it is high time to find out more about Nintendo's Gameboy devices and discover what a Nintendo Gameboy is and Pocket Heaven.

Nintendo's Gameboy is one of the most innovative gaming systems of all time. This ground-breaking technology provided millions of boys and girls, as well as entire families, a unique gaming experience. It is regarded as the most pioneering invention since TV, because it offered pure, unadulterated enjoyment. For countless youths, the amount of love received from parents was not measured in happy moments, but in which Gameboy games were purchased.

This handheld video gaming system that features interchangeable cartridges was first launched in 1989 and since then has undergone several transformations during the past years. However, Nintendo's Gameboy has upheld the top spot as the most prosperous portable gaming devices by means of high-tech quality gaming titles as well as advanced technology that have grown into staples in the gaming realm. Below we will describe several different versions of the Nintendo Gameboy as well as their characteristics.

Different Gameboy Products from Nintendo

  • The Gameboy Classic:

    The Gameboy Classic was Nintendo's first ever Gameboy. This handheld device was introduced to the gaming industry back in 1989 and was a huge success. Moreover, it sent shockwaves throughout the video game industry and every Tom, Dick, and Harry wanted to own one of these exquisite devices bound to present hours of fun and entertainment.

    Back in those days, the Gameboy Classic was the finest hand-held device available on the market and gaming titles were first-class. The device featured with a high-tech Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and the graphics delivered on the screen was black and green. What's more, this was the first hand-held device that offered multi-link gaming through a port that connects several systems for multi-player battles.

  • Gameboy Pocket:

    Seven years after the huge success of the Gameboy Classic, Nintendo announced the Gameboy Pocket device. This Nintendo Gameboy version was a more compact adaptation of its predecessor. Also, this hand-held device was smaller and contained all the features that players initially fell in love with in the original design. Gameboy Pocket's display showcased with a more pleasant black and white look as well as a smaller multi-link port that became a standard feature for all Gameboy models.

  • Gameboy Colour:

    To keep up with the trend to enhance gaming around the globe, Nintendo released one of the most significant devices of all time titled the Gameboy Colour. This innovative design features a faster processor as well as with the first backwards compatible gaming system. Lastly mentioned allows the player to enjoy games designed for the Gameboy Classic in limited colour.

    It is proven that the Gameboy Colour was the first hand-held gaming device that permitted information to be transferred wireless between two systems through an infrared port.

  • Game Boy Advance:

    Twelve years after the Gameboy Classic set the gaming world afire, Nintendo did it again with the release of the Gameboy Advance system. With this innovative design, all the graphical abilities of a console system are incorporated into a hand-held. The quality of the gaming titles is slightly better than those of the Super Nintendo console, and just like the Gameboy Colour device, it is backwards compatible. Also, the superior power of the Gameboy Advance allows countless classic console titles to find new life owing to the fact that various titles have been transported to this system.

  • Game Boy Advance SP:

    Nintendo released the Gameboy Advance SP in response to complaints carried out by consumers over the shortfalls of the initial Gameboy Advance screen. The Gameboy Advance SP features with the same capabilities and features as its predecessor. The only noteworthy difference is the collapsible screen that protects the display when not in use. Additional enhances that can be noted is that the Gameboy Advance SP comes with a backlight allowing the player to enjoy their gameplay in any lighting condition. Even though this new release is less comfortable than the former edition, it is proven time-and-time again that the Gameboy Advance SP has become the most admired device of the present generation of Gameboy devices from Nintendo.

  • Gameboy Micro:

    In the era we live in, smaller and sleeker portable devices are more trendy than ever. To keep up with the fashion, Nintendo released the Gameboy Micro. This hand-held device is smaller than an I-Pod and is reckoned to be the tiniest cartridge base gaming system ever to see the light. Not only does the Gameboy Micro serves as a gaming system but as an accessory as well. Players now have the option to outfit their device with numerous funky interchangeable faceplates. This device can play all Gameboy Advance game, however unlike its predecessors, the unit is not backwards compatible.