Super Mario Land Game Review

It came as no real surprise that Nintendo would roll out a Super Mario gaming title for their brand new handheld system after the massive success of the Super Mario Bros. series.

Super Mario Land became the first ever Mario title released by Nintendo for a handheld console. To find out more about this game read our Super Mario Land review in this exclusive Nintendo Gameboy review section.

Super Mario Land Game Information

Any player that has ever enjoyed a Super Mario release should have a very good indication of what to anticipate from the gameplay in Super Mario Land. The controls operate similarly to those found in the NES titles. Players can still cause Mario to run, and he can even shoot off super balls that will bounce around the screen and eliminate any enemies that come in his way if you manage to collect a Flower power-up. During your gameplay, you will also discover the trademark Star power-up concealed in a specific block that will cause Mario to become invincible for a short while.

The objective of Super Mario land is to navigate through each level and reach the exit doors. The bottom door will transport you out of the present level while the door at the top of the screen will present you with a shot at playing an end-of-level mini-game where you can obtain power-ups as well as free lives.

The game consists of four worlds and each of them contains three distinctive levels to play through. When reaching the final level in each world, players will have to face a boss fight that is relatively easy to win. Players can look forward to two vehicle levels that permit Mario to take power over a submarine and an airplane that boosts the action of the game. The levels are somewhat lengthy, but then again with having only three per world, it makes each one fly by quite quickly. Moreover the level of difficulty is effortless and you should be able to complete the entire Super Mario Land in less than 30 minutes.

The graphics in this gaming title is what you'd assume from a first-generation Game Boy release. It features the same characteristic today as they did way back then. However there is a fair amount of detail in the foregrounds for you to enjoy, the animations are relatively straightforward in design as well as in execution. Also, Nintendo did a superb job with the audio in this gaming title and captured the trademark Super Mario sound to perfection with the game's soundtrack. Each and every melody in Super Mario land is captivating, and the tunes fit in with the setting that they are played in. Overall the presentation of Super Mario land is greatly exhibited and offers gamers a fun and entertaining past time.

Super Mario Land Conclusion

Even though Super Mario Land was released decades ago, it is still one of the most preferred Nintendo gaming titles of all time. The game presents players with great gaming encounters as well as the experience to see the credits roll. If you haven't played this game before, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try. Enjoy!