The Incredible History of Nintendo's Gameboy

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The most popular gaming console at is the Nintendo Game Boy device. The legendary Nintendo device celebrated an existence of 28 years today. Below we listed the Nintendo Gameboy history on a timeline that takes into account all of the major milestones that Game Boy achieved during these years and the most popular Gameboys over time.

The Timeline of Nintendo's Gameboy

  • APRIL21, 1989 - First Game Boy

    The First Game Boy was created in Japan by a man called Gunpei Yokoi. This model was Nintendo's first ever handheld gaming device, and it merged features from both Game & Watch as well as the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Game Boy was sold either as a standalone item or bundled with the first Game Boy game known as the Tetris puzzle game.

  • SEPTEMBER 18, 1996 - Game Boy Pocket

    Nintendo rolled out the Game Boy Pocket on September 18, 1996. This handheld console was a redesigned version of the original Game Boy. However, it boasts notable improvements than its predecessor. It was light, had a bigger screen and required less battery power.

  • ARIL 14, 1998 - Game Boy Light

    The Game Boy Light was exclusively released in Japan on April 14, 1998, and was an updated version of the Game Boy Pocket. The Game Boy Light only lived a short while before the Game Boy Colour made its appearance in October and November of 1998. The Game Boy Light is one of the most exceptional Game Boys due to the fact that it is so rare. This device was slightly larger than the Game Boy Pocket.

  • OCTOBER 21, 1998 - Game Boy Colour

    The Game Boy Colour made its appearance in Japan to shop shelves in a range of irresistible colours: green, yellow, purple, blue as well as clear purple. Nintendo even presented a unique edition Pokémon Game Boy Colour to the range! The Game Boy Colour was to some extent larger than the Game Boy Pocket and featured with three times more memory.

  • MARCH 21, 2001 - Game Boy Advance

    Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance on March 21, 2001. This 32-bit handheld gaming device was intended to give players the ultimate gaming experience. The manufacturer placed the buttons of the device along the sides of the console instead of below the screen. The Game Boy Advance is the last handheld design from Nintendo that requires batteries, then again, also the last handheld to not have a clamshell design.

  • FEBRUARY 14, 2003 - Game Boy Advance SP

    The Game Boy Advance SP is an upgraded version of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance and was released on February 14, 2003. The device featured with a set of enticing new characteristics - a flip-top screen, a built-in screen light, a rechargeable battery - and all packed into one sleek handheld design. This model allowed gamers to take pleasure in all Game Boy Advance and Game Boy games in style.

  • NOVEMBER 21, 2004 - Nintendo DS

    Nintendo DS made its debut on November 21, 2004. This model is now acknowledged as the most renowned handheld device on the market. This console provides many new and exciting elements and online functionality producing a more energetic and customisable gaming encounter. With Nintendo DSi, you can access the Shop from your special DSi browser and download your chosen DSWare. This allows you to enjoy a brand new game within seconds; whether you are on the move, at home or at work.

  • AUGUST 18, 2005 - Game Boy Micro

    Celebrating Game Boy's 20th anniversary Nintendo released the Game Boy Micro on August 18, 2005. With this design, Nintendo has taken all the features players adored about the Game Boy Advance and made it much smaller. With an invigorating backlit screen, four trendy hardware models and more than 500 gaming titles to select from, Game Boy Micro presents a powerful gaming experience with a great appearance in your pocket.

  • JUNE 11, 2006 - Nintendo DS Light

    The Nintendo DS Light was released on June 11, 2006, and is distinguished to be a replica of the earliest Nintendo DS. However, this device is a little thinner, lighter and smaller than the original DS. Then again the screen of this iteration is much brighter and larger, and the device has a longer battery life. It is said that due to the overwhelming request for the original model, the DS Lite was released more than a month before its initial date.