Interesting Facts about Nintendo eSports

To occupy yourself with your favourite Nintendo game can sometimes lead to the impression that gaming is a lonely past time, but we know different. Huge numbers of devoted gaming communities have been founded over recent years, some of which have inspired some of the most heated competition in the world. The term that has been devised to describe this new world of competitive gaming is called eSports and the stakes are high.

In this section we are going to discuss what Nintendo eSports is, how popular the competition is becoming, and what the future looks like.

What is Nintendo eSports

By engaging in a play of eSports, gamers are participating in a form of contest, match or fight by making use of video games. Normally it takes on the appearance of an organized, multiplayer video game contests, mostly between professional players. The most popular genres linked with eSports are online battle arena (MOBA), first-person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy. Tournaments such as Nintendo's Super Smash Bros, Pokémon World Championships and Nintendo's World Championships 2017 provide live broadcasts of the match. Contestants can earn up to six figures when participating in a match and arenas are packed to the rafters with spectators watching the action.

The Popularity of Nintendo eSports

The eSport craze started out as a group of friends getting together to host LAN parties and engaging in video games. However, as we move into 2018 eSports has turned out to be one of the trendiest networks of pro gaming tournaments since its establishment. In this day and age, Nintendo eSports consists of genuine play-offs with genuine teams signing up, some of which receive major sponsorships from renowned companies. What's even more significant is that the teams enjoy international influence around the gaming community.

The eSports market is at present estimated at around $900 million, and that number continues to grow. With every single tournament, the rewards are more profitable and the views increase.

The Feature of Nintendo eSports

With competitive gaming becoming so popular amongst gamers, Nintendo has taken a new approach to bringing people together by developing an eSporting Gameboy device called Nintendo Switch. The Switch is aimed at gamers who would be keen to enjoy a game of eSports with friends or family, whether it is on the sofa next to friends or family and, at local fan-run tournaments, online, or even at larger events.

Despite the fact that the Switch has limited launch titles, it found massive success with titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Then again, Nintendo has in recent months rolled out several Switch multiplayer titles that gamers can enjoy like Splatoon 2, Pokkén Tournament DX, Arms and Super Mario Odyssey. The latter is hugely popular and within just three days after hitting the shelves it sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Nintendo has a skill for producing high-quality products and there is no doubt that Nintendo's Switch will set up a storm in the eSport scene. With its ability to engender competitive gaming on a single system anytime, will usher more players to the Switch and make eSports trendier than ever and that is what the Switch is aimed around.

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